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august, 31 - 2012 - A 3 Bicchieri award for the Cuvée del Fondatore vendemmia 2011

After the success of the 2010 vintage, the 2011 wins the 3 bicchieri award

One year ago, we were brimming with pride and almost incredulous when we announced to you our first “3 bicchieri” award. Today, after 12 months of hard work, we no longer just feel joy, but a precious and gratifying confirmation which has paid us back for all our hard work and effort. Today we have affirmation that we adopted the right strategy, initially considered by many to be a waste of time and resources, because ours was a philosophy which was too far from the mainstream. We undertook this approach without doubts because it was one based on genuine passion, which has always been our primary motivation, as true as our love for our land, as true as the vines cultivated on the challenging, arduous and spectacular slopes of our hills, features which on their own justify our hard work. The Cuvée del Fondatore Graziano Merotto vendemmia 2011 won the “3 bicchieri” award based on our passion for quality and dedication to creating something unique.

april, 19 - 2012 - The Merum 2 Hearts goes to the Cuvèe del Fondatore

Merum has awarded the Cuvèe del Fondatore 2011

The prestigious German wine and winemaking publication has assigned the 2 Hearts to our "Cuvée del Fondatore Graziano Merotto" Brut - Rive di Col San Martino - Millesimato 2011


april, 18 - 2012 - The Merum 2 Hearts goes to Colbelo Extra Dry

Merum has awarded our Colbelo Extra Dry

The prestigious German wine and winemaking publication has assigned the 2 Hearts to, our classic par excellence, "Colbelo" Extra Dry Valdobbiadene Prosecco Superiore Docg


march, 27 - 2012 - Merotto awarded with the prize 7 WINNING TERROIRS by Gambero Rosso

Merotto is among the 7 best terroirs in Italy, as awarded by the Gambero Rosso and Confagricoltura wine growers associations

From an initiative by Confagricoltura and Gambero Rosso, a special prize has been created for those areas which have demonstrated the ability to tackle the challenges of the economic crisis by giving recognition to the best entrepreneurial businesses in the wine growing industry. The areas identified are Chianti, Lugana, Moscato d'Asti, Valpolicella, Prosecco, Lambrusco, Salice Salentino. 14 business have been selected which, thanks to their skills, have transformed the economic difficulties into market opportunities. The prizes were awarded by Mario Guidi, president of Confagricoltura, Marco Sabellico, editor of Vini d’Italia 2012, and Paolo Cuccia, president of Gambero Rosso.

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