2007 December 01 - Luca Zaia and Graziano

To our friend Luca Zaia a Royam no. 001

Among our own vineyards in Col San Martino Graziano presented the first bottle of Royam passito to our friend and President of Veneto Regional Council Luca Zaia.

2005 March 30 - Lino Lacedelli, on the 50th anniversary of the first italian ascent of K2

A toast to a great friend, to a great man of Veneto and his great achievement

Merotto presents Veneto DOC with Prosecco DOC Colmolina, on the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of K2, which saw an Italian expedition reach the summit.

2003 May 01 - A Champion for a Champion

Nino Benvenuti honours Merotto

In spring, Nino Benvenuti, World Champion Boxer honours Graziano Merotto and his Prosecco.

1993 August 10 - Pope Wojtyla and Graziano Merotto

Merotto and other great wine producers of excellence have an audience with the Pope

Graziano gives Pope Wojtyla the fruits of his passion: Merotto Prosecco and other wines.

1990 October 01 - Gelindo and Graziano

Gelindo Bordin together with Graziano and other friends

The Marathon Champion from Vicenza together with Graziano and other friends, all enthusiasts of good Prosecco.