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2014 September 15 - 4 TIMES 3 GLASSES

This prestigious award comes to us for the fourth consecutive year, recognition of the dedication, and flavour, of our efforts. A Superiore and Guaranteed drop of joy! Four times 3 GLASSES… a winning hand for all those who pop the cork on a bottle of Graziano Merotto Cuvèe del Fondatore this year.

2013 August 10 - Three for three

Merotto receives Gambero Rosso's Tre Bicchieri for the third time.

The Cuvée del Fondatore Graziano Merotto Vendemmia 2012 has been given this prestigious recognition and once again the world will be introduced to a wine which so perfectly captures the exceptional quality of Prosecco Superiore, the beauty of its home land, and the hard work and tireless dedication of the man who gives his name to it: Graziano Merotto. We are justly proud and take immense satisfaction from this prestigious award.


On May 24th from 2pm to 9pm the WINE EXPERIENCE event, organised by the Enoteca Gandolfi in Bolzano, will be held against the magnificent backdrop of Castel Sallegg in the Castle’s beautifully appointed guest rooms. Just eight carefully selected wineries will be in attendance to present their highest quality products, and we’ll be there with our finest sparkling wines.

2012 August 31 - A 3 Bicchieri award for the Cuvée del Fondatore 2011

After the success of the 2010 vintage, the 2011 wins the 3 bicchieri award

One year ago, we were brimming with pride and almost incredulous when we announced to you our first “3 bicchieri” award. Today, after 12 months of hard work, we no longer just feel joy, but a precious and gratifying confirmation which has paid us back for all our hard work and effort. Today we have affirmation that we adopted the right strategy, initially considered by many to be a waste of time and resources, because ours was a philosophy which was too far from the mainstream. We undertook this approach without doubts because it was one based on genuine passion, which has always been our primary motivation, as true as our love for our land, as true as the vines cultivated on the challenging, arduous and spectacular slopes of our hills, features which on their own justify our hard work. The Cuvée del Fondatore Graziano Merotto vendemmia 2011 won the “3 bicchieri” award based on our passion for quality and dedication to creating something unique.
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