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2010 September 01 - The extension to plot 86

Merotto Vineyards. Luca Zaia opens the extension to plot 86 in Col San Martino

Words and hard work. There’s poetry in the pleasure of a glass of Conegliano Valdobbiadene but, as ever, it was hard work that gave strength and shape to this particular project. 60 years of commitment, courage and determination to reach the highest levels of quality. The work of wine-growers who, with great foresight and love, have learned how to reap the best from their land while preserving its beauty. The result of this great love and passion is that Conegliano Valdobbiadene today boasts Docg certification. In reality the true quality of this magnificent hillside sparkling wine, now famous all over the world, has only just begun to shine. This is why the inauguration of a new Docg vineyard is so important, a piece of land with genuine value created from a combination of the miraculous generosity of mother nature and respect for the perfect harmony of the hillsides. The new section of the Merotto winery vineyards was officially opened on August 2nd by the President of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia. In his remarks he emphasised how this land embodies the precious heritage of traditional values that has been nurtured through hard work, and continues to grow today. The Mayor of Farra di Soligo Giuseppe Nardi and the director of the Conegliano Valdobbiadene Preservation Consortium Giancarlo Vettorello were also present at the inauguration, underlining the importance of the extension to plot 86. Graziano Merotto’s decision to enlarge his best quality lands demonstrates his desire to reach the highest levels of excellence. These are the vines that produce his best wines, the founder’s Cuvee “Graziano Merotto” and the “Primavera di Barbara”, both of which carry the Rive di Col San Martino classification. “Rive” is the name of a new type which highlights the unique nature and quality of each specific microzone in the Prosecco Superiore DOCG area.

2012 June 24 - Motorbike on Prosecco Superiore Hills

Annual Motorbike Rally

Sunday the 24th of June, in the intense heat that characterises these long summer days, the annual motorcycle rally once again again found itself at the Merotto Winery. A moment of welcome rest, of cooling shade and sparkling refreshment of Superior quality. The riders, after a being reanimated - visited, with pleasure and interest, the winery and enjoyed the fine Valdobbiadene DOCG and other wines. The positive experience of the traveling visitors, who know how to enjoy what their trip offers, is always of great importance to Graziano Merotto and his team.

2012 February 20 - Tre bicchieri 2012 World Tour. USA

Merotto conquest United States

The Tre Bicchieri World Tour which showcases the best Italian wines touched down to great success in the USA with 1000-2000 visitors attending each event, among them wine and food sector experts (importers, wholesalers, distributors, restaurateurs), journalists, opinion leaders and selected members of the public both consumers and enthusiasts. So the month of February was a success for Merotto in the USA, from San Francisco to New York and Chicago. See you soon USA!.

2012 March 03 - TRE BICCHIERI 2012 WORLD TOUR

Tasting in Dusseldorf

Our journey in the select company of the best wines in Italy, those who have won the prestigious Gambero Rosso Tre Bicchieri award, continues. As a result we will be at a very special event, the first German stage of the Tre Bicchieri World Tour. On March 3rd in Dusseldorf, a day before the ProWein International Wine Trade Fair starts, the event will be held in the Stadthalle in the Dusseldorf trade fair zone. At the same time the German edition of the 2012 Italian Wine Guide will be presented.
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