A wealth of values

The Particella 86 is in Col San Martino at 230 metres above sea level. It’s been owned by the Merotto Winery since 1973 and the last part of it has been converted into a vineyard. It was officially presented and inaugurated in August 2010 by Regional Governor Luca Zaia who in his speech underlined how this new vineyard represented the precious heritage of values that has been created and which continues to be created by dedication and hard work.
The highest levels of excellence can take life in the desire of a man, Graziano Merotto, to expand his best vineyards from which he produces his famous Cuvée del Fondatore Graziano Merotto and the Primavera di Barbara both of which are classified as Rive di Col San Martino. The Rive is the denomination given to micro-zones within the Valdobbiadene DOCG Prosecco Superiore area.