The ROYAM project

To make “Royam”, the passito from glera (the variety formerly known as Prosecco), only the best grapes are selected and hand-harvested, before being laid out in a room where humidity is carefully controlled. Here the grapes are dried until the correct sugar level is reached. Then the bunches are pressed and squeezed to produce the wonderful golden nectar that is passito.
The Royam Project brings together Graziano Merotto’s two great passions: his much loved land with its precious fruits, and art which he indulges with his large collection of paintings. The idea is that each year a work of art by a different artist will be used on the passito wine label thereby uniting traditional art with the art of producing a quality sweet wine par excellence. Each year a different artist will create his own interpretation of the scenery of the Valdobbiadene hills so the land will be represented on both the inside and outside of the bottle. An interplay of taste and beauty, aromas and colours, sensations and perception in which all the senses are involved and rewarded. An appointment with pleasure and perfect harmony which every year lasts a year.

ROYAM 2011 - Passito Wine

Painting by Eligio Muner

Born in Valdobbiadene in 1968, Eligio Muner uses the lands of his birth for the inspiration that has led him, over 20 years of research and experimentation, to his personal...