Painting by Vittorio Marchi

The Royam 2008 label shows a landscape painting by Vittorio Marchi. Born in Sernaglia della Battaglia in 1946, Marchi has shown his work at more than 65 personal exhibitions in Italy and abroad. With an infinite passion for his land, the Veneto, he takes from here his inspiration, above all in his use of colour. The warm, familiar tones of the beautiful Veneto countryside seen through his simple, uncomplicated eyes take on the elevated tones of poetry.

“ROYAM 2008”
Passito di Prosecco I.G.T. del Veneto

A golden yellow Passito di Prosecco with amber highlights. A soft, balanced taste with aromas of almond and a warm body.

Technical information

Area of production: The Valdobbiadene hills. Vineyards in Col San Martino.
Type of grapes: 100% Prosecco.
Method used: Dried on drying racks for 50 days. The grapes are hand selected. Pressing is done using a manual press.
Alcohol content: 14%
Sugar residue: 120 g/l
Total acidity: 6,3 g/l
Dry extract: 36 g/l

Organoleptical features

Colour: Bright golden yellow
Perfume: Intense with notes of wisteria and Jasmine
Taste: Warm and intense, delights the palate producing apricot and peach sensations
Aftertaste: Optimum fragrance and freshness. Persistent and inviting.
Food affinities: Excellent with mature cheeses and fine pastries.
Serving temperature: 12°C

Available sizes

Bottle 0,50 l
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