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Graziano Merotto yesterday & today

The Merotto family’s agricultural beginnings can be traced back to Agostino Merotto, an ancestor who was already well-known in the area at the beginning of the 1900s for the quality of his Prosecco. After the period of the two great wars, a time during which there were few notable landmarks in wine production, came a renaissance in agriculture and traditional farming focused on dedicating land to the kind of cultivation it was best suited to. Graziano Merotto started his company in 1972 and showed an immediate gift for wine production. He also had a clear vision regarding the world of sparkling wines. With great sacrifice, hard work and much trial and error, he was able to achieve renowned levels of excellence, leaving a legacy which was destined to become part of the history of the local area. This undertaking, stretching back almost 50 years now, was one whose progress was governed first and foremost by reason, continuously striving to strike the right balance between the inevitable changes brought about by the invention of new technologies and a clear-headed understanding of the traditions of land management practiced in a sustainable way in order to preserve its integrity and value. Any such journey requires good travelling companions, and the team of staff engaged in the production chain – from the terrain itself to collaborators working all around the globe – are the true heritage of the company. Without them none of this would be possible and the transformation of grapes into wine would have simply become and end in itself, devoid of the passion and dedication which form the heart of Graziano Merotto’s philosophy.