Superiore di Cartizze

Valdobbiadene Superiore di Cartizze DOCG

From the highly-favoured Cartizze area where the soil composition and exposure guarantee superior quality.

Merotto Spumanti - superiore-di-cartizze


Production area: vines grown on the Santo Stefano hills in the area called Cartizze.

Varieties: 100% Glera.

Wine making Technique: off-the-skin vinification, soft pressing and pure fermentation at controlled temperature. Second fermentation and natural fermentation in autoclave for about 50 days at 12 – 13°C.

Alcohol: 11,5%

Sugar residue: 26 g/l


Appearance: straw yellow colour with greenish refl ections; dense and brilliant foam; fine and persistent perlage.

Bouquet: fruity, aromatic and enveloping; notes of ripe white peach and pear accompanied by strong nuances of jasmine.

Taste: velvety and intense, with a great balance between acidity and sugar. The composite structure enhances and completes the gustatory harmony.

Finish: persistent and very pleasant with hints of ripe fruity notes.

Suggested serving temperature: 5 – 7°C


0,75 litres